Felicia, a native of California, has been an inspiration through song for quite some time. She has been singing, writing, competing and performing since she was a little girl. Often times, a notebook with a pad was all she had, but it was also all she needed to get through the rough times in her life and continue to be the best she could be. Her desire is to show the world that passion and love can help you overcome any obstacle in this world.

Perry O'Neal

Perry O'Neal, multi-instrumentalist, loves, embraces, and lives music from his heart. His music career started in the church and has expanded to traveling across the nation, overseas in Europe, Costa Rica and even to American Idol Season 10! Through his travels, his passion as a professional musician has continued to blossom and flourish. He now infuses different styles and genres into his performances to create a distinct and unique sound that is all his own.

Fresh Play Duo

Perry and Felicia met on a singing competition in pursuit of their individual dreams. They are now living out their dreams together hence the name, Felicia + Perry = FRESH PLAY!

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